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JW Technologies LLC


JW Technologies (JWT) based in Denver, Colorado, USA specializes in process engineering and equipment supply for the metals, chemicals, and minerals industries.

JWT has been in business since 1995 and has brought together the former staff of Tolltreck International Limited, a company active in nonferrous and precious metals pyrometallurgical systems and technology from the seventies to the nineties.  Accordingly, the company has over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience in furnaces and associated systems.  This information has been consolidated into a database enabling the process and key equipment design for a wide range of metallurgical, mineral, and chemical processes.


JWT has key skills in metallurgical, chemical, mechanical and process engineering and provides:

·     System design studies

·     Process development and pilot plant

·     Feasibility assessment

·     Project management

·     Equipment selection or supply

·     Installation and startup supervision


JWT's network of national and international clients is extensive.  Recent projects include clients in Europe, Africa, and Australia as well as the Americas.

The company’s team has a portfolio of over seventeen international patents.

About Us

About Us

JW Technologies develops strategic relationships with other companies in the thermal processing technology arena and has worked on the system integration to engineer complete systems.


Key expertise applies to the field of both horizontal and vertical retort fast pyrolysis for organic bearing wastes such as tires, plastics and biomass. The objectives being recovery of fuel values-gaseous and liquid and production of added value carbon and energy recovery.

Some studies, pilot work and business plan development also include methods of high temperature processing such as plasma.

It has an association with Torftech Limited from the UK, where JWT assists with thermal processing and application engineering.

Torftech is the designer and supplier of the TORBED ® reactor, a toroidal fluidized bed reactor for thermal processing applications.

JWT also has its own range of equipment which is detailed in the technology overview in this web site.

In many instances, the company operates as the integrator of the focal process equipment (whether its own proprietary equipment or that of its associates) into packages that include materials handling, the proprietary process vessel itself and the off-gas handling.

Alternatively, the company is often retained for its process engineering and consulting capabilities in problem solving, technical audits and development of new processes.

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